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10 Recruitment Marketing Initiatives in 2019 that Work!

10 Recruitment Marketing Initiatives in 2019 that Work!

Jumpstart Your Recruitment Efforts with These Marketing Initiatives

86% of HR professionals agree that recruitment is becoming more like marketing.

As the labor market becomes increasingly competitive, recruiters have started promoting their employer’s brand and open positions to potential candidates instead of letting candidates come to them. This has changed the recruiting process. Suddenly, recruiters are focused on creating effective candidate-driven content, collaborating with their company’s marketing department, and using social media to reach out to potential candidates.

If you want to hire and retain top-tier talent, incorporate these recruitment marketing initiatives into your hiring strategy:

  1.     Inbound Recruiting

Inbound recruiting means using inbound marketing tactics to convert potential candidates into applicants. Instead of blasting out promotional ads, nurture leads, discuss emerging trends in your industry, and create in-depth content as a way of educating potential job seekers. It takes more than a well-placed ad to convince someone to apply for an open position at your company. Reach out to specific candidates with personalized messages and build relationships with the right talent to encourage them to apply for open positions.

  1.     Employer Branding

Employer branding means changing the way potential candidates think about your employer. You won’t attract quality candidates if your employer has a bad reputation. Make the right impression on potential candidates by giving them more information about your employer, including the mission of the company and what it’s like to work there. Make sure your branding strategy accurately portrays your employer and avoid making promises the employer can’t keep. Otherwise, new hires may not last long in their new positions.

  1.     Candidate-Driven Content

When it comes to inbound recruiting, focus on creating content that appeals directly to the candidate experience. If your content is more about your employer, potential candidates may have a hard time envisioning themselves working at the company. Interview existing employees about their experiences and collect as much information as you can about the position in question. Use this information to educate potential clients on what it’s like to work at the company.

  1.     Talent Pools

Creating a talent pool means creating a list of potential candidates, active job seekers, previous candidates, those that have already connected with your business, and other connections who may be interested in working for your employer. Instead of starting from scratch every time a new position opens up, refer to this list and start reaching out to candidates that are already familiar with your company to increase your chances of landing the perfect hire. When it comes to recruitment marketing, talent pools help you focus on and target the right candidates, instead of wasting your marketing efforts on professionals that may not be interested in your employer.

  1.     Candidate Relationship Management

Recruiters are starting to nurture individual leads as a way of converting passive job seekers and potential candidates into job applicants. But in order to convince potential candidates to apply for a job, you need to build a certain level of trust between the candidate and your company. Managing these relationships can be a full-time job. Make sure you actively keep in touch with potential candidates, answer their questions, and help them find the right positions.

  1.     Social Recruiting

More recruiters are using social media when it comes to finding and reaching out to potential candidates. You can use apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to quickly learn about potential candidates, helping you find those most likely to succeed at your company. You can also promote your employer and share valuable candidate-driven content on these social platforms as a way of bringing new candidates into the fold.

  1.     Recruitment Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps you save time when promoting your employer on various marketing channels. You can use these tools to make the most of your recruitment efforts so you don’t have to manually repost content, retype the same message, or complete other mundane, routine tasks. With just one click, you can share your content on all your marketing channels and spend more time evaluating candidates, conducting interviews, and creating valuable content.

  1.     Talent Sourcing

In today’s competitive job market, you can’t wait for talent to come to you. Talent sourcing means going after potential candidates who may be interested in working for your employer. Research these candidates as much as possible to learn about their job history, interests and career goals. Reach out to these candidates with a friendly personalized message, start a conversation and give them more information about your company and why it may be the right choice for them.

  1.     Data Analytics

As you invest in these various recruitment marketing initiatives, you need to analyze the results of your marketing efforts to make sure they’re effective. Use data analytics to evaluate the success of every email, social media post, blog, video, and other marketing efforts you use to recruit potential candidates. If some pieces of content are more successful than others, use this information to inform your recruitment marketing strategy.

  1.   Collaborative Recruiting

Recruiters are starting to make use of and collaborate with other departments at the company. These departments contain valuable information about the company, its goals, and the open positions you’re trying to fill. Studies show companies are 68% more likely to involve the marketing department when it comes to recruitment marketing today than in years past. As you go about promoting your employer, reach out to the marketing department to align your marketing efforts.


As we get further into 2019, the competition for talent will only increase. Use these marketing techniques to attract and retain qualified candidates. If you’re looking for more information about the latest recruitment marketing tactics, sign up for a recruiting conference to learn from the best of the best.


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