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11 Employer Branding Tools You Can’t Live Without

11 Employer Branding Tools You Can’t Live Without

Use These Tools to Improve the Candidate Experience and Your Reputation as an Employer

So many factors can dictate how potential candidates view your company. From your online application system to scheduling and conducting interviews, every interaction you have with a candidate can make or break your reputation as an employer. Creating a poor candidate experience will weaken your ability to attract top-tier talent in the future.

But it’s not just about filling open positions, it’s also about the future of your company. 96% of companies believe employer brand and reputation can positively or negatively impact revenue.

Utilizing the latest employer branding tools can help you improve your reputation by gleaning new insights into the candidate experience. You can also enhance your company’s social media campaigns, better manage your candidate relationships, and improve employee advocacy.

Take control of your company’s reputation as an employer with these effective branding tools:


This mobile-first app helps you create employer brand content with the help of your employees. It helps you answer key questions candidates typically ask before applying for a job, such as how this opportunity will help them reach their career goals and what life is like at your company.

It also helps you personalize the application process by engaging with candidates along with way. Candidates can also search for employer brand content for topic-specific posts and stories, giving them more incentive to apply for a job at your company.


Having your employees share content increases the reach by 561% as opposed to sharing it via official brand social channels.

Smarp encourages your employees to share content online, so they can become thought leaders in their industry. It gives them the tools to monitor engagement levels for their content, helping take ownership over their contributions to the company.

If you want your employees to share company content on their own social media channels, use Smarp to increase employee advocacy and engagement.

Dynamic Signal

This app is a mobile-first company communications platform that helps you bring your employees closer together. Dynamic Signal can be particularly helpful if you have a large or remote team. Some members of your team may feel isolated in their work, but this tool helps them engage with other team members on a more personal level, as opposed to simply sending emails and instant messaging.

Employees can share content, accomplishments and personal stories, so your team will feel more engaged with each other and the company as a whole.

Everyone Social

If you’re looking to turn some of your employees into successful marketers, advocates, or even recruiters, Everyone Social gives your team the skills they need to reach and engage with potential candidates.

Having your employees reach out to candidates rather than reaching out as a recruiter tends to boost engagement. Candidates want to hear directly from your employees so they can get an accurate sense of what life is like at your company.

Use this tool to bring your employees along for the ride.

Employer Brand Index

Curious how your reputation as an employer is holding up online? Use this tool to analyze and collect feedback about your company’s reputation.

It measures everything everyone is saying about your company online, including past and current employees and candidates. It quickly searches websites like Glassdoor, social media, and other platforms for job seekers, so you can always stay in the loop.


Collecting feedback can be a challenge. Qualitrics makes it easy to glean feedback on pretty much any topic.

If you want to know how your employees and candidates feel about your company, use this tool to create a custom survey. You can also analyze the results to see emerging trends in real-time.


If your employees are struggling when it comes to sharing content on social media and engaging with potential candidates, Buffer can help you bring out the best in your team.

Your employees can use this tool to create a unique identity of social media while helping them reach and engage with their target audience. Some employees can be timid when using social media, but Buffer helps them cut through the noise.


If you’re new to creating employer brand content, this app takes the stress out of the process. It helps you create DIY videos that capture life behind the scenes at your company.

You can focus on real-life stories, respond to viewer questions, and build a cohesive narrative for your job videos. The app even helps you edit your content, so it’s ready for social media.


If you’re looking to get more creative with your employer branding materials, this software helps you make the most of your images, videos, banners and logos.

Use ready-to-go templates to create custom interfaces for your emails, social media posts, and onboarding materials.

Better imagery will help you pique the interest of potential candidates.

Zoho CRM

One of the most popular applicant tracking systems on the market, Zoho CRM, helps you improve the candidate experience from the initial outreach to signing on the dotted line.

The platform can be used to manage all kinds of customer relationships, but if you focus on candidates, you can use it to engage with anyone that maybe interested in working for your company.

You can measure reach and engagement, stay on top of important tasks and relationships, and make the most of your outreach efforts.


This software helps you optimize the candidate screening process. You can quickly select and engage with the right candidates while following up with those no longer in the running.

It’s also an effective applicant tracking system, so you can monitor all your information using the same interface. You can also schedule interviews, refine your pitch, and analyze the results of your current system.

Candidates can also use this tool to monitor their progress, giving them more agency during the application process. Try incorporating these platforms into your recruiting strategy today.

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