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4 Solutions to Fix the Broken Candidate Experience

4 Solutions to Fix the Broken Candidate Experience

How to Improve the Candidate Experience

As a recruiter, you’ve probably heard a lot about what’s known as the candidate experience. If one of your candidates has a bad experience when applying or interviewing for an open position, it can damage you and your company in more ways than one.

According to 60% of job seekers, a poor candidate experience would make them less likely to purchase the employer’s products. Throughout and after the application process, candidates can always share their experiences with friends and family or post about them on social media, opening your company to a slew of criticism if the candidate feels they have been mistreated or disrespected in some way. These candidates can also leave negative reviews on websites like Glassdoor, sending a message to future applicants that working for your company may not be worth the effort.

Use these four tips to improve the candidate experience so your company can attract the right talent and maintain a glowing reputation in your industry.

Identify the Ideal Candidate Before You Begin Your Search

One of the worst things you can do as a recruiter is waste a candidate’s time during the application process. Make sure you know what you’re looking for in a candidate before you begin your search.

Crystalize expectations for your ideal candidate by creating a portrait of what this person should look like, including their qualifications, credentials, personality traits, demeanor, and experience in the field. This will help you make tough decisions as you sort through different candidates, so you don’t end up bringing the wrong candidate in for an interview.

Keep Candidates in the Know

With hundreds or even thousands of applications to sort through, keeping candidates in the know can feel like a challenge, especially when you’re focused on finding the right person for the position. However, communication will either make or break the candidate experience.

Make sure all candidates have the information they need to follow through with the application process. Include information about the position, your company, and the hiring process on the job ad. If you plan on interviewing these candidates, tell them what topics will be covered in the interview and how long it should take, so they know what to expect from the process. A recent study shows 41% of candidates received no information at all prior to their interview, including who they were going to be interviewing with, how long it would take, background details, etc.

Find Time to Listen to the Candidate

As time-consuming as the recruitment process can be, every candidate deserves to be heard. You may think you have the hiring process down to a T, but making room for feedback helps you improve the process. Ask candidates to leave feedback on their experience after they’ve applied or interviewed for the position. This also makes these candidates feel heard and respected, which should increase their satisfaction rates. You’re bound to learn all kinds of things about the candidate experience that you otherwise might’ve missed.

Provide Some Sense of Closure

No one likes getting rejected, but formally saying goodbye to a candidate can help you improve the candidate experience. These people have invested time and energy into the application process, so they deserve to hear from you one way or another. This also leaves the door open for future opportunities if another position becomes available. This is bound to have the biggest effect on the candidate’s experience, considering it’s the last time you’ll interact with this person.

Make time to follow up with each candidate, even if they’re no longer in the running. Automation tools help you contact hundreds of candidates in just a few seconds, so you can quickly inform applicants if they’re still being considered for the position.

Improving the candidate experience improves the recruitment process. You’ll earn glowing reviews on websites like Glassdoor and attract the best candidates in your industry. Treat your candidates the way you’d like to be treated if you were applying to a job.


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