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5 Best Employer Branding Blog Posts from this Month

5 Best Employer Branding Blog Posts from this Month

A Recap of the Best Recruiting Blog Posts from July

With so many recruiting blogs to keep track of, plenty of quality posts can easily fall off your radar. That’s why we’ve come up with our list of the best blog posts from the month of July.

Spend some time reading these employer branding blog posts to make the most of your recruiting strategy. From social media tips and tricks to changing your screening process, these posts will help you steer your company in the right direction.

Check out these top blogs to learn about the latest in social recruiting and employer branding techniques.

  1.     Recruiting Daily – Candidate Relationships: Merging Nature and Nurture

This blog posts teaches you to focus on the human aspects of recruiting. With record-low unemployment, the nature of the recruiting industry has changed dramatically as most candidates get exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of recruiting ads on a regular basis.

If you want to cut through the noise and get top-tier candidates to pay attention to and remember your business, you need to nurture individuals by creating a sincere, personalized interview and screening process. The piece talks about the importance of getting to know candidates as opposed to simply checking off a series of boxes based on their qualifications.

  1.     TalentCulture – 4 Ways HR Leaders Can Establish a Reputation as a Service Leader

Many HR leaders can feel out of step with the rest of their colleagues. Different departments often lack knowledge of or interest in the recruiting process, forcing HR managers to go it alone.

But this blog post talks about how you can prove your worth to your colleagues by helping them accomplish their goals. It touches on a variety of topics that will help you forge meaningful bonds between your department and those of your colleagues, including listening with intent, being responsive, and improving the collaborative process.

KPIs and data analytics only go so far when it comes to establishing your reputation as a service leader. Think beyond numbers and talk openly with the other departments at your company.

  1.     Link Humans – The Impact of Strong Values on Employer Brand

When it comes to employer branding, some companies and HR departments focus more on content rather than the values behind this content. Your company needs to walk the walk, not just talk the talk if you want to attract top-tier candidates.

The piece shows you how strong internal values can shape and influencer employer branding, so your content feels authentic and relatable. Without these values, your content will feel superficial in nature, and new hires will quickly feel as if they’ve been duped, leading to poor retention rates.

You’ll learn about different corporate values, why they’re important to the next generation of workers, and how to leverage these values in your employer branding strategy.

  1.     Sourcing Supply – Facebook Sourcing: How to Use Facebook as a Part of Your Recruiting Strategy

You’re probably used to using Facebook as a way of “checking up” on potential hires, but this blog post takes things a step further. It teaches you how to use the biggest social media network on the planet as a sourcing tool, so you can identify and connect with qualified candidates quickly.

The piece talks about how to make the most of your company’s Facebook profile, helping you make the right first impression on potential candidates.

You’ll also learn how to leverage Facebook as part of your employer branding strategy, how to avoid stalking or being too aggressive with potential candidates, and how to find candidates who are well-suited to your business.

  1.     The Tim Sackett Project – Top ATSs used by the Fortune 500!

In this well-researched report, you’ll learn about the most popular applicant tracking systems in the industry and why the Fortune 500 is using them. If these ATSs are good enough for some of the biggest companies on the planet, they’re probably a good choice for your company.

As a recruiter, you have a lot of ATSs to choose from, and comparing these different platforms isn’t always easy. But this piece helps you identify the right ATS for your company.

The piece also breaks down the top-performing platforms, what makes them successful and why you should consider incorporating them into your recruiting strategy.

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