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5 Workplace Trends that Are Transforming Employer’s Reputations in 2019

5 Workplace Trends that Are Transforming Employer’s Reputations in 2019

How to Send the Right Message to Future Applicants

Recruiting top talent is about more than just a paycheck.

In today’s competitive job market, the best candidates are looking to work for companies that go above and beyond for their employees. Creating the right corporate culture and changing how your employees do their jobs can help you win over top-tier candidates. You can include these features and benefits into your job descriptions to make them more appealing to potential candidates.

Remember that quality candidates are evaluating your company just as much as you’re evaluating their skills as a candidate.

Over time, incorporating these workplace trends into your business model will help you change your reputation as an employer, so you can make the right impression on potential job seekers.

Soft Skills

In the age of artificial intelligence and data analytics, companies across every industry are changing the way they do business. Instead of having their employees crunch the numbers day in and day out, technology is getting rid of these redundant processes.

Today’s job seekers are looking to do more than just operate like a cog in a machine. They want to feel valued and challenged in more ways than one. They want purpose.

That’s where soft skills come into play.

While hard skills refer to routine, concrete tasks like accounting, design, and sales, soft skills are about how your employees get the job done. Whether it’s problem-solving, great communication, or thinking outside the box, soft skills help your employees reach their full potential instead of just asking them to do the same task on a daily basis.

According to LinkedIn’s annual Global Talent Trends 2019 report, 91% of talent professionals believe soft skills are important for future recruitment.

Flexible Work Arrangements

73% of employees say flexible working arrangements improve their satisfaction at work.

In today’s digital world, your employees will quickly get frustrated if you force them to come to the office just to send emails all day. If your employees can do their work from home or on-the-go, try incorporating a little flexibility in the job.

You can have your employees work from home one day a week or send them on trips to help them feel more motivated and satisfied at work.

Stamping Out Workplace Harassment

It’s not the 1950s anymore.

No one wants to work for a company that tolerates sexual and workplace harassment. Get rid of destructive workplace habits and toxic corporate culture that tolerates this kind of behavior. From insensitive jokes to non-consensual touching, show your current employees and future applicants that you’re serious about creating a safe space at work.

Pay Transparency

Women and people of color still tend to make less than their white, male colleagues.

Introducing pay transparency at your company can help you send the right message to future applicants. Women and employees of color will know if they’re making less than their male, white counterparts, paving the way for pay equality.

Regardless of race and gender, all your employees will feel more empowered if they know how much their colleagues are making. This shows your team that you’re committed to paying everyone a fair wage.

Focus on Wellness

Sitting behind a desk or working 80 hours a week isn’t exactly healthy.

Improve the wellbeing of your employees by limiting their work schedule, giving them extra time off, or encouraging a healthy work-life balance. If your employees are getting bombarded by emails and texts when they’re not at work, they will start to feel burned out at work.

Encourage healthy living by offering fresh, delicious snacks at the office, remote work arrangements, and free gym memberships. Don’t work your employees into an early grave. Keep them healthy and satisfied every step of the way.

These workplace trends are helping employers change their reputations for the better. Attend a recruitment conference to learn more about how you can improve your reputation as an employer.


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