Attract the Right Candidates with Your Recruiting Messages

Are You Targeting the Right Candidate Pool with Your Recruiting Messages?

Are You Targeting the Right Candidate Pool with Your Recruiting Messages?

How to Strike the Right Note with Your Recruiting Messages

Thanks to the rise of LinkedIn and other social media networking sites, you can easily target individual candidates with news of an open position.

However, the best candidates tend to get inundated with recruiting messages, so you need to make sure your messages stand out if you want to attract them to your company.

Every word you choose can make or break your chances of luring these candidates away from their current positions or job opportunities at one of your competitors. With unemployment at record lows, you need to do everything you can to make your recruiting messages stand out on the Web. Forty-five percent of recruiters are having trouble filling open positions due to talent shortages.

Don’t wait for candidates to apply to your job ads. Be proactive with your recruitment efforts and learn how to create the perfect pitch for your target candidates.

Create a Cohesive Brand Message

Before we talk about how to perfect your recruiting messages, remember that these messages are simply an extension of your employer’s brand. If these messages are counterintuitive to the overall message behind your employer’s brand, the candidate may get confused or lose interest all together.

As soon as you send a message to a candidate regarding an open position, you can expect them to look up your brand on social media or visit the company’s website. Fifty-nine percent of job candidates research companies they’re interested in on social media.

As you decide what kind of message you want to use to attract potential candidates, make sure it aligns with the rest of your employer’s brand. Use language that corresponds with the language used on your website and social media profiles.

If your employer likes to position itself as a disruptor in your industry, use language that subverts the status quo.

If your brand is trying to make the world a better place, use language that inspires and drives candidates to action.

It’s all about getting candidates excited about working for your employer.

If you’re not sure how to brand your company as an employer in today’s competitive job market, attend brand marketing conferences to learn how to set yourself apart from the competition.

Match the Message to the Candidate

Hopefully, you and your hiring manager or supervisor have a solid idea of what the preferred candidate should look like, including their background, job experience, special skills, and overall personality.

As you go about targeting certain candidates on LinkedIn and social media, make sure you tailor your language to these kinds of candidates.

If you’re looking for a hot-shot graphic designer, use language that sparks the person’s imagination and appeals to their creative side.

Looking to fill a completely new kind of position? Attract innovators and disruptors with exciting language that shows how this position will be different from the status quo.

Tailor individual messages to specific candidates and open positions and keep your target audience in mind when drafting your recruiting messages.

Focus on the Most Important Aspects of the Position

Your messages should also reflect which candidate qualities and characteristics are most important to the position. Focus on one aspect of the candidate that matters most to the company and its corporate culture.

For example, if you want to hire someone who is passionate about your brand and its products and services, use branded messages that leverage the candidate’s existing knowledge of your company. This is an easy way to root out candidates that aren’t familiar with your company.

If you want to hire a “people person”, use language to highlight the person’s passion for creating lasting, meaningful connections.

Or, if you want to hire someone who thinks outside the box, use language that invites and even celebrates unorthodox thinking.

Perfecting your recruiting messages isn’t just about filling open positions and stealing candidates away from your competitors. It’s about making sure you’re attracting the right candidates in the first place. If you send a branded, tailored message to a candidate who doesn’t respond, there’s a good chance this person isn’t the right fit for your company. Use these messaging tips to find qualified candidates that will benefit your company in the long run.


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