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Attracting Talent by Writing Job Descriptions that Convey Company Culture

Attracting Talent by Writing Job Descriptions that Convey Company Culture

How to Highlight Your Corporate Culture in Job Descriptions

Job seekers may come across hundreds of job listings as they search for the next step in their career. If you want qualified candidates to apply to your job ads, you need to give them more information than just the basics, such as duties and responsibilities, compensation, and required experience.

If you include your company culture in your job descriptions, you’ll give these candidates more reason to apply for these positions.

Using your job descriptions to highlight your company culture will also help you attract candidates that will be a good fit for the company, reducing turnover and helping you get the most from every hire.

Learn how to make the right impression on potential candidates by weaving your company culture into your job ads.

Why Focus on Corporate Culture in the Job Ad?

There are two main reasons to include your company culture in the job ad: you want your job ads to stand out amidst the crowd, so you can attract qualified candidates that will put time and effort into their applications.

And, you want to attract candidates that are a good fit for the company.

Considering there are around 7 million job openings across the country and the country is in the middle of record-low unemployment, your job ads can easily get lost in the shuffle if you fail to include your company culture in the descriptions.

Job seekers have lots of options and offers to consider as they look for new opportunities. If you want candidates to give your ads a second thought, you need to spice up your job descriptions by telling them as much as possible about your company and the role in question. Candidates don’t want to waste their time filling out an application if they don’t agree with or particularly care for the company culture.

What to Include in Your Job Ads

Every job ad comes with a few basic components. Before we talk about how to convey your company culture in your job ads, let’s take a look at all the different elements of a job ad:

  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Role Objectives
  • Role Responsibilities
  • Desired Experience
  • Required Experience
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Work Schedule, Hours, and Travel Requirements
  • Company Description and Working Conditions


Some of these elements can be pretty straightforward, but others can be creative launching points, giving you lots of opportunities to show off your company culture.


How to Make Your Corporate Culture Stand Out

You can use nearly every aspect of your job ads to convey your company culture, if you’re willing to get creative.

  • What Makes Your Company Unique?

A great place to start is by introducing applicants to your company. Include a few lines about your company, its goals, its products and services, and paste a link to your website, so applicants can do more digging on their own.

Go beyond superficial details and talk about what makes your company different from your competitors.

  • Setting Clear Expectations for Your Applicants

When listing the role responsibilities and objectives, don’t limit yourself to mundane tasks such as answering phones, interfacing with clients, or completing expense reports. Get creative with your language and use phrases that speak to the culture of your company.

For example, if you want to hire someone that goes above and beyond for your customers, you could write, “Anticipates the customer’s needs with a smile.”

If you want to hire someone that’s a team player, you could write, “Talks openly with other team members, regularly contributes ideas and eagerly shares credit.”

If you like giving your employees autonomy and you’re looking to hire someone that’s self-sufficient, mention a flexible work schedule and request someone with previous experience working on their own or being a self-starter.

  • What Can Applicants Expect from You and the Role?

Talk about the unique perks of working for your business, such as special benefits, company retreats, free coffee or beer on certain days of the week.

Give applicants information about the office environment. Is it more of an open room where everyone has a full view of each other’s workspaces, or are employees constantly coming in and out, working on their own projects?


Using every element of your job ads to convey your company culture shows applicants that you’re serious about hiring someone with the right personality and professional goals. If you call someone in for an interview, there’s a better chance this person will be a great fit and passionate about the position.

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