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Creative Ways to Give out Team Member Awards

Creative Ways to Give out Team Member Awards

Show Your Employees How Much You Appreciate Them with Team Member Awards

Just 51% of employees feel satisfied with their current job, and around half of all U.S. employees are considering a new job.

In addition, 65% of employees haven’t received any form of recognition for good work in the past year.

See a connection? Recognizing the accomplishments of your employees will give them more incentive to stick around for the long haul.

Instead of giving your employees a raise or simply saying, “Good job,” you can get creative with your employee appreciation efforts by introducing team member awards. Giving out a simple “Employee of the Month” award can be boring or even create tension around the office, so try thinking outside the box instead.

Use these tips to turn your team member awards ceremony into a fun-filled event.

Pull from Your Corporate Culture

Your company is unique, and your team member awards should reflect that. You can use this occasion to put a spotlight on your corporate culture, giving you a chance to highlight the traits and characteristics you value most around the office.

From positivity and great customer service to groundbreaking innovation, reward your employees for honoring and participating in your corporate culture. This will encourage others to do the same.

You can also use these events in your employer branding materials, which helps you send a strong, culture-specific message to potential candidates.

Focus on the Individual

Just like your company, each one of your employees is unique.

Instead of focusing on generic accomplishments that pit your employees against each other, like “Most Sales” or awards based on tenure, cater to the individual contributions of your employees that really make a difference around the office.

If someone has a novel idea, breathes new life into a project, or helps you and your colleagues solve problems in new ways, spend some time honoring this person for their exception skills, worldview, or personality. Think about how you would feel if you and your team lost this person, and do your best to make them feel appreciated.

Consult with Your Employees

If you want your employees to buy into this new office tradition, you need to include them in the brainstorming process. Ask your employees for ideas, categories, and prizes, so they’ll be more invested in the actual event.

You might be amazed at what your employees come up with. But before you ask for suggestions, let them know that you want this event to be fun and exciting. Give them the freedom to shoot from the hip when throwing out ideas.

Turn It into an Event

Planning an actual awards ceremony is key when it comes to team member awards. You can either throw a party at the office or take your team to a special venue or location, such as a bar or restaurant.

Not all your awards have to be work-related. You can try hosting a costume contest, doing stand-up comedy or improv, or challenging your team to come up with funny videos.

Awards ceremonies can be boring, so shake things up by throwing some humor and live entertainment into the mix.

Make It Fun

Remember the Dundies from The Office?

Don’t be afraid to get silly with your team member awards. After all, your employees could use a bit of levity around the office. Your team member awards shouldn’t be overly competitive, or they may stress out your team more than anything else.

Introduce fun awards categories, such as “Craziest Work Attire,” “Biggest Office Personality,” or “Best Celebrity Impression.”

Relax, have fun, and try not to take your team member awards too seriously. You can honor the accomplishments of your team while still making room for silliness and unpredictability.

Setting up a team member awards ceremony will help you build a sense of community and comradery around the office. You can also reduce your turnover rates and improve employee satisfaction.

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