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Here are 10 Recruiting Influencers You Should be Following on Twitter

Here are 10 Recruiting Influencers You Should be Following on Twitter

As a recruiter, keeping up with the latest trends can be a challenge, especially if you’re already stretched thin. However, following these recruiting influencers on Twitter will help you put your recruiting efforts to better use. You can learn about the latest recruiting strategies, how to create employer branding content that resonates with workers, and how to avoid attracting the wrong candidates.

Add these influencers to your Twitter feed to learn about the latest news and how you can apply it to your recruiting strategy.

  1.     Katrina Kibben @KatrinaKibben

Working for Recruiter Daily, Katrina Kibben is known for her southern charm and insightful recruiting techniques. She works with Three Ears Media, a recruitment training firm that teaches recruiters how to tell great stories that will attract top-tier talent. She understands that recruiting talent is about powerful storytelling, including the story of a company, its mission, and how it has evolved over the years. She encourages her followers to tune into these trends so they can leverage their company’s history when recruiting candidates. She also stays up to date with the latest recruiting technology, educating companies and HR teams on how these tools can help achieve their hiring goals. Follow her on Twitter for all kinds of recruiting tips and even some snarky humor.

  1.     Lou Adler @LouA

As the founder and CEO of The Adler Group, a training and search firm helping companies implement performance-based hiring, Lou Adler makes recruiting a systemic business process. His company originated the term performance-based hiring, which outlines tips for sourcing, screening, interviewing and recruiting candidates. The goal of this approach is to provide meaningful benefits to prospective employees such as professional growth, challenging the status quo, and new learning opportunities. 

Instead of blindly hiring candidates that seem like they’re a good fit, Adler wants his clients and recruiters everywhere to integrate their hiring efforts and to embrace a new style of recruiting, one that can be measured and quantified, creating a recipe for lasting success. He challenges everyone to dig deeper when crafting job descriptions, employer branding materials, and other recruiting content so employers can rise above the fray.

He’s also the author of best-sellers such as, “Hire with Your Head” and “The Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting Hired.” Follow him on Twitter to find out what you’re doing wrong when it comes to recruiting. Chances are you can learn from his experience in the field.

  1.     William Tincup @williamtincup

As the president of Recruiter Daily, William Tincup knows the ins and outs of modern recruiting. He’s developed a strong following on Twitter by honing the latest recruiting tactics with wit and honesty. He regularly speaks publicly on the recruiting industry, advising companies and hiring managers on the dos and don’ts of attracting talent. He lives at the intersection of recruiting and technology, helping professionals utilize these tools as they refine their employer branding strategies. He often tells companies to avoid investing in lengthy self-promotional materials like white papers, e-books, and blog posts that fail to resonate with jobseekers. Follow him on Twitter to avoid making similar mistakes when recruiting talent.

  1.     Megan M. Biro @MeghanMBiro

As the host of the podcast and Twitter chat group #WorkTrends, Megan M. Biro is doling out the latest recruiting news with flair and lots of expertise. She regularly interviews thought leaders and recruiters from well-known brands such as Symantec, Citrix, and Siemens. The episodes cover a wide range of hiring topics, including how to include video in your employer branding strategy and how to build a company where everyone wants to work. Her advice applies to both recruiters and C-suite executives, including those responsible for shaping corporate culture, arguing that great recruiting all starts at the top. 

She’s also the founder and CEO of the recruiting website TalentCulture, where you’ll find even more news and information. With lots of great press under her belt, including a major write-up in Forbes magazine about the future of work, Biro is a must-follow influencer for anyone in the recruiting industry. Follow #WorkTrends live on Twitter to hear the latest news.

  1.     Jörgen Sundberg @JorgenSundberg

As the founder of Link Humans, a premiere employer branding agency in London, Jörgen Sundberg knows how to attract talent in just about any field. He’s here to help brands rethink their employer branding strategies with honest, authentic content, so they don’t end up attracting and hiring the wrong candidates or damaging their retention rates, which can cost companies a fortune in addition to all the money they’re spending on employer content marketing.

He helps his clients tune into what makes them unique so they send the right message to potential candidates. His company regularly partners with some of the biggest names in recruiting, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. Follow him on Twitter to learn about the subtleties of employer branding, what works and what doesn’t, as well as how to run a successful company that attracts top talent.

  1.     Robin Schooling @RobinSchooling

As an HR leader, tech lover, and self-described advocate of the “Workplace Revolution,” Robin Schooling has become a household name in the recruiting industry. She currently works as the head of Strio Consulting, a human capital consulting firm that helps companies navigate critical phases of scale and transition, including recruitment outsourcing, employee training and onboarding, brand marketing, and workforce planning. With years of experience in the HR industry, she believes companies can do better when it comes to nurturing their employees and attracting top talent.

Her Twitter account and blog regularly calls out companies for their misinformed so-called “employee benefits” such as wellness programs and other expensive initiatives that end up doing more harm than good. Instead, she encourages her clients and recruiters to tailor their development programs to individual employees. This work often speaks for itself, resulting in better hires and higher retention rates. Follow her on Twitter for more tips on how to build a better workplace.

  1.     Maren Hogan @marenhogan

As the CEO and founder of Red Branch, an outsourced marketing firm that specializes in a number of different of recruiting strategies, including SEO, content marketing, and website development, Maren Hogan is known for her seasoned marketing skills. She’s made a career out of helping recruiters and hiring managers improve their outreach and social media strategies. She knows what jobseekers want to hear and what they don’t, funneling this information to recruiting professionals across a wide range of industries. She regularly writes for some of the most well-known recruiting magazines in the industry, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, LinkedIn, Fast Company, and

Follow her on Twitter to learn about the latest outreach strategies that resonate with potential candidates. She focuses on combating toxic behavior in the workplace, improving retention rates, and implementing employee performance goals that boost productivity and revenue. She understands that the more employees care about their jobs, the easier it is for companies to hire and retain top talent.

  1.     Andy Headworth @andyheadworth

As a best-selling author, renowned blogger, public speaker and corporate consultant, Andy Headworth wants to take your recruiting strategy to the next level. He specializes in analyzing and auditing different companies’ recruiting strategies so they can hire the best talent in their respective industries and ultimately increase their profits. He uses a hands-on interactive approach to training recruiters so they can learn as they go, instead of simply having them listen to a lecture. He encourages his clients to think beyond outdated recruitment tactics so they can build lasting relationships with jobseekers.

From social media to SEO and Google Plus, he believes recruiters often neglect some of the most effective recruiting channels in favor of websites like LinkedIn and traditional job listings. At the end of the day, he wants recruiters to invest in content and outreach strategies that resonate with today’s workers, such as worker self-esteem, career mobility, and corporate social responsibility. Subscribe to his blog or follow him on Twitter for more tips and insight.

  1.     Yana Nigen @DivaDude

As the Chief Marketing Officer of JobDiva, a leading global Applicant Tracking System and front-to-back Talent Management solution, Yana Nigen wants to improve the application process. She wants jobseekers to get excited about the application process, rather than simply clicking boxes and filling out the same information over and over again. Every HR team needs a great ATS, but JobDiva is taking things one step further. With meaningful data analytics and cutting-edge technology, recruiters can improve the candidate experience to make sure they’re attracting the best of the best.

Attracting top talent all starts with a great application. Nigen encourages recruiters and companies everywhere to think beyond the traditional application system in order to make the right impression on potential candidates. As the main marketing force behind JobDiva, Nigen understand the biggest challenges of modern-day recruiting and how to combat them using the right technology. Learn more about JobDiva and Yana Nigen’s work for the company by following them on Twitter.

  1.   Johnny Campbell @JohnnyCampbell

Focusing on corporate learning, Johnny Campbell wants to change the way companies often think about recruiting and the workplace. He encourages his clients to rethink their business models to put more emphasis on employee learning and development, so they can attract and retain qualified candidates for years to come. He’s the CEO and co-founder of Social Talent, the largest source of hiring training in the world. Companies and recruiters can log on to receive the latest hiring tips and tricks, so they don’t end up wasting their time and money on ineffective recruiting tactics.

On Twitter, he regularly discusses the latest recruiting technology and how it can improve the candidate experience; he also helps companies make more informed decisions. He’s known for his lively public speaking events and corporate training sessions, where he gets the audience excited about the art of recruiting. Follow him to get a crash course on modern-day recruiting, what it takes to stand out in today’s digital economy, and why some recruiting strategies are holding you back.


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