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Is Your Content Marketing Attracting Talent?

Is Your Content Marketing Attracting Talent?

Strike the Right Note with Your Content Marketing Recruitment Program

With record low unemployment and fierce competition in the job market, you need to actively market your employer and open positions to qualified candidates instead of waiting for them to come to you.

When it comes to marketing, we’ve all heard the expression, “Content is king”, and the same philosophy applies to recruitment. Creating original content, whether it’s an email newsletter, blog posts, or interviews with your CEO, gives you the chance to make the right impression on potential candidates as they look for their next career move. These candidates will inevitably research your company as they field different offers and openings. Without a robust library of content, these candidates will have a limited understanding of your employer, giving them less incentive to apply for open positions.

Even if you invest in original content marketing for recruitment, you need to make sure you’re sending the right message to potential candidates and presenting your company in a fair and honest light. Learn how to take your recruitment content to the next level.

Mapping Out the Candidate’s Journey

Before we dive into the logistics of creating great recruitment content, it’s important to look at things from the candidate’s perspective. When candidates are looking for information about a potential employer, they will latch on to just about anything they can find.

All text, photos, and videos associated with the company become an extension of the employer’s brand. Original content may include:

  • Job descriptions
  • Onsite photos and videos
  • Website copy
  • Social media posts
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Recruitment messages
  • Product descriptions
  • Networking and industry events

All of these assets should work together and tell a cohesive story when it comes to attracting potential candidates. Remember that potential candidates may consume several pieces of content before choosing whether to apply for an open position. Use language on social media and on your website to highlight the goals of the company, what it’s like to work there, and what kinds of traits and skills you value in potential candidates.

Put yourself in the shoes of the candidate and make sure every piece of content works to your advantage.

Create Content for Your Ideal Candidate

When creating assets for your content marketing recruitment program, it’s easy to list off amazing benefits and paint your company as the best employer on the planet.


First, you need to make sure that your content accurately portrays everyday life at your company.

Second, you need to make sure that your content speaks directly to a certain type of candidate, otherwise you may attract candidates that aren’t right for the position in question.

Candidates may field several new offers a day and research dozens of companies as they search for new career opportunities. To stand out amid the competition, tailor your content towards candidates who share your employer’s values and interests. Focus on the issues that matter most to your employer and present them in a light that sets you apart from other companies in your industry.

If you simply regurgitate the latest news story or statistic, your content is bound to get lost in the shuffle.

If you’re not sure what kind of candidate you should be targeting with your content, talk to your team or CEO. Review past and current employees to find out who was a good fit and who wasn’t.

Distribute Content on Different Platforms

When it comes to getting eyeballs on your recruitment content, social media has become the platform of choice for most recruiters.

However, there are several different ways to reach potential candidates including email, in-person events, Reddit, industry news outlets, and many others. For example, getting a guest article published in The Guardian, an award-winning British daily newspaper with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, would ensure that your content appears in front of all kinds of potential candidates.

Publish your content on different outlets and channels to maximize your reach and exposure. You never know how or where potential candidates may stumble onto your content, so start thinking beyond social media.

If a candidate reaches out to you on one of these platforms, respond to them quickly and nurture leads until they become legitimate candidates.

Use Analytics to Inform Your Research and Approach

Simply creating and distributing content will only get you so far.

Keep an eye on how your content performs over time using data analytics. From social media analytics to hits to the company’s blog, track how many people are viewing and interacting with your content. If some pieces get more hits and traffic than others, find out why and try to replicate this success going forward.

Experiment with different types of content and recruitment messages until you find your stride.

Employer branding has become the backbone of the recruiting industry. If you’re new to the idea of recruitment as marketing, sign up for brand marketing conferences to learn more about content marketing for recruitment.


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