Speaker Profile: John Graham

John Graham – Amgen

John Graham – Amgen

Meet John Graham, Sr. Manager of Global Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing at Amgen

When it comes to hiring, authenticity is key.

As an employer brand evangelist and conference speaker, John Graham has a passion for unlocking each candidate’s unique story and those of his colleagues. He’s not interested in filling an open position, but rather getting to know each person as an individual.

He’s become a thought leader in the recruiting industry and recently took a role with Amgen, one of the largest biotechnical companies in the world, as the Sr. Manager of Global Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing. One of his many strengths in the field is his focus on individuality and helping students and aspiring professionals find the right opportunities.

He understands the hiring and recruitment marketing process from the point of view of both the candidate and the employer. This helps him see candidates as more than just a resume; he sees them as a complete human being with specific goals and needs. He then balances this information against the goals and needs of the employer, so the company can attract and retain candidates that align with its corporate culture.

Learn more about John Graham and his unique approach to employer branding and recruitment marketing.

Activating Authenticity

Graham is known for his ability to activate authenticity among candidates and large-scale organizations. He describes himself as “a creative communicator, a connector of cultures and a leader by inspiration.”

From the candidate’s point of view, applying to a massive corporation with hundreds of thousands of employees can be somewhat intimidating. But Graham is here to show off the human side of these organizations. He develops employer branding content that helps candidates realize what it’s like to work at these companies.

He regularly tells the stories of his Amgen colleagues, so candidates can put themselves in their shoes. But telling authentic stories isn’t always easy, especially if employees haven’t had the opportunity to speak up about their experiences in the past.

That’s why Graham is a big fan of employee advocacy. He gives his colleagues the tools to tell their own stories. After all, working at a company means getting along with the team and the organization at large. By promoting and highlighting these stories, potential candidates will be more likely to apply if they can relate to the stories being told.

75% of U.S. respondents believe that companies whose C-Suite executives and leadership teams use social media to communicate about their core mission, brand values and purpose are more trustworthy.

At the end of the day, no one wants to work for a company that lacks authenticity. Employers should focus on creating and elevating these stories if they want to attract quality talent.

Creating a Bridge Between Aspiration and Opportunity

In addition to his role at Amgen, Graham has a long history of helping students and aspiring professionals reach their goals. He talks regularly about the future of work, the millennial workforce, and the power of personal branding in the digital age among employees and those looking for their next job.

He talks to critical talent to get a better sense of how they view the job market, what’s working and what needs to be improved, and what these workers need to achieve their goals. As much as he enjoys being a mentor, it’s also about improving his skills as a recruitment marketer. Sending the right recruitment message to potential candidates means tapping into what these workers are looking for in their next job.

Hear from one of the brightest recruitment marketers in the business and sign up for an Employer Brand Marketing Conference with John Graham today to learn more about building authenticity and trust among potential candidates.


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