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Talent Acquisition and Chatbots, How the Two Came Together

Talent Acquisition and Chatbots, How the Two Came Together

How Chatbots Are Changing Talent Recruitment and Acquisition

Chatbots are quickly changing the way Internet users interact with the web. Maybe you’ve logged onto a website only to be greeted by an overeager chatbot that’s designed to help you find what you need. The same is true of talent acquisition. Recruiters are now using chatbots to help candidates through the application process. But these aren’t the repetitive chatbots of the mid-2000s. Today’s chatbots use a range of sophisticated algorithms to engage users and help them find the information they need. Learn more about how chatbots are changing the recruitment industry.


How Chatbots Can Help with Talent Acquisition

  • Answer Common Questions

Most standard online applications take 40 minutes to complete. That’s a lot to ask of potential candidates. It’s no wonder that around 60% of potential candidates abandon their applications before hitting the submit button.

So what’s the solution?

Recruiters are using chatbots to encourage applicants to continue with their applications.

The bot will ask the candidate if they need any assistance if they notice a sudden lack of activity. They can also provide more detailed instructions and answer common questions, such as whether the company offers competitive benefits, whether they sponsor work visas, or whether they accept remote employees. More applicants will finish the application if there’s someone there to answer their questions along the way.

  • Automatic Interview Scheduling

Instead of manually contacting candidates to set up an interview, recruiters can use chatbots to automatically schedule interviews for qualified candidates. If the recruiter waits to contact qualified candidates, these candidates may have already moved onto another opportunity.

But with chatbots, the right applicants will receive an interview invitation in seconds.

This helps recruiters save precious time throughout the day as they screen and interface with hundreds of candidates. No more lapses in communication and no more waiting around for a follow-up interview.

  • Predicting Candidate Engagement

Recruiters can learn a lot about specific candidates based on how they interact with the online application. It’s not just about how these applicants fill out certain questions, but how engaged they are with the application process.

Luckily, there’s a chatbot there every step of the way.

Chatbots can help predict a candidate’s level of engagement based on how they fill out the application. If the candidate is slow to respond to questions and messages on the platform, it speaks volumes about their future job performance. Considering bad hires can cost anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000, recruiters can quickly determine who’s worth their time and who’s not.

  • Improving the Candidate Experience

Around 75% of job applicants never hear back from the company they applied to.

This doesn’t exactly make for a thrilling candidate experience. Chatbots can quickly notify candidates whether they’ve made it to the next round, so candidates always know their standing with the company.

Having access to a chatbot during the application process can also improve the candidate experience. Applicants will have access to all the information they need, instead of feeling as if they’re wandering through the application blindly.

Talent acquisition and chatbots are a match made in heaven. Incorporate this technology into your hiring strategy and improve the candidate experience. If you want to learn more about how chatbots are changing recruitment for the better, sign up for a recruitment conference today!


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