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Tested & Proven Recruiting Tools that Help Businesses Find Talent

Tested & Proven Recruiting Tools that Help Businesses Find Talent

Find Qualified Candidates Faster with These Recruiting Tools

With a record high of 6.6 million job openings in the last year, recruiters are doing everything they can to keep up with an increasingly fast-paced job market.

But more job openings don’t always mean more recruiters. If you’re struggling to keep up with this increase in demand, technology can help you accelerate recruitment by eliminating routing processes, automatically targeting qualified candidates, and increasing your talent pool. Simplify the recruiting process and use the latest digital tools to find top talent.

Screening Candidates with AI

The average job opening attracts 250 resumes. With so many open positions to fill, many recruiters may not have the time to review all these applicants. But new AI-powered software programs are changing the screening process. These programs will automatically screen and highlight certain applicants based on your preferences, so you don’t have to evaluate each applicant manually. This not only speeds up the recruitment process, but it also helps you identify qualified candidates you might’ve otherwise missed.

Rediscover Previous Candidates

Recruiters are starting to look beyond traditional talent pools in order to find qualified candidates. New software programs will automatically scan the resumes of previous applicants, helping recruiters find and connect with qualified candidates even if they didn’t apply for the position in question. You’ve already spent precious time and resources recruiting these candidates, so you might as well fold them back into your current search to make sure you find the right person for the job.

Chatbot for a Better Candidate Experience

AI is radically transforming the candidate experience. Candidates are bound to have questions as they complete their applications. If these potential candidates get frustrated along the way, they may abandon their applications before they finish, leaving you with fewer applicants to choose from. But you might not have the time or resources to help these potential candidates complete their applications.

That’s why recruiters are turning to AI-powered chatbots. These automated messaging systems can answer questions, give out important information, and remind candidates to fill out sections of the application that they might’ve missed.

You won’t have to hold the applicant’s hand while they complete their application and more applicants will finish applying instead of abandoning the task half-way through, maximizing your talent pool.

Anti-Bias Recruitment Software

Personal bias continues to be a major concern in the recruitment industry.

For example, when recruiters look specifically at just the name of the applicant, those associated with Caucasian descent received 50% more callbacks than those associated with African American descent, regardless of the industry or occupation.

But new recruiting tools can help you eliminate this bias from the hiring process by removing irrelevant information about the applicant such as their name, address, gender, age, and ethnicity. Some software programs will also identify and remove bias in job descriptions, encouraging more diverse candidates to apply in the first place.

Targeting Candidates with Greater Accuracy

Recruiters are accustomed to targeting specific candidates with the right qualifications and encouraging them to apply for open positions, but finding and reaching out to these potential candidates can be time-consuming.

New recruiting tools can help you identify potential candidates based on a range of different factors. These programs can identify candidates that have previously visited your website or expressed interest in your company. They can also use geotargeting to help you find candidates that live in your area or close to the employer.

Recruitment Marketing Software

Recruiting is becoming more and more like marketing as recruiters promote their employers on social media and other marketing channels. But marketing your employer and screening candidates requires a lot of resources.

New recruitment marketing software programs can help you simplify the marketing aspect of recruiting so you can spend more time finding the perfect candidate. These programs automate certain aspects of the job such as reposting content on different channels, analyzing the success of your marketing efforts, and following up with potential candidates that express interest in your company.


Recruiting qualified candidates can always be a challenge, but these tools are meant to help you save time and find candidates that are best suited for the position in question.

Looking for more help? Attend talent acquisition conferences to learn more about the latest recruitment tools.


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