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The 10 Best Talent Acquisition Blogs You Need to Follow in 2019

The 10 Best Talent Acquisition Blogs You Need to Follow in 2019

Sharpen Your Recruiting Skills with These Must-Read Blogs

Trends come and go in the recruiting industry, and being a successful recruiter means having access to the right information. Adding these recruiting blogs to your daily reading list or email inbox will help you stay on top of the latest trends so you can make the most of your time. Learning from some of the best recruiters in the industry helps you refine your strategy, so you always have access to qualified talent.

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  1.     Recruiting Daily

This popular recruiting blog covers just about every major topic related to hiring and retaining employees, including the latest technological trends, employer branding, and sourcing and screening candidates. With new posts almost daily, you don’t have to worry about missing anything important in the industry. You can sign up for their email list to get the latest news delivered right to your inbox. With a slew of talented writers, the blog offers insightful takes on developing trends, helping you look at the bigger picture when it comes to recruiting talent.

Many of their staff writers have worked in the recruiting industry, so they know what it’s like to screen and source candidates day in and day out. They also spotlight recruiting topics as they relate to specific industries, such as healthcare, IT, and marketing.

With so many technological advances coming out of the woodwork, the folks at Recruiting Daily are here to put these trends in context. They regularly talk about what it’s like to be hired by a robot, so you can make the most of these tools without losing the human aspect of recruiting.

  1.     TalentCulture

Based on the popular Twitter chat group and podcast #WeWork, this blog is all about creating a company culture that attracts and retains top talent. Instead of focusing on the daily aspects of recruiting, the blog takes a more holistic approach, insisting that a great workplace environment speaks for itself. If a company gives back to its employees, recruiting candidates will be that much easier.

The blog covers a wide range of topics, but workplace culture tends to be the dominant theme. You’ll also find in-depth articles on diversity initiatives, HR tech, talent management and corporate leadership. After all, corporate culture starts at the top.

Writers for the blog regularly attend high-profile recruiting events around the country, so you can stay up with the latest trends even if you can’t attend these events in person. They’re always reaching out to high-profile recruiting influencers, keynote speakers and corporate executives, mining them for valuable advice and insight into the recruiting industry. Subscribe today to learn from some of the biggest names in the business.

  1.     Randstad

Head over to Randstad’s learning center for all sorts of useful information about the recruiting industry. This company helps all kinds of professionals land their next job, connecting them with recruiters and hiring managers at some of the biggest companies in the world.

Their website covers a range of issues you won’t find on other recruiting blogs, such as workplace safety initiatives, helping female employees feel valued and heard at the office, and developing an employee’s skill set. They understand that every company is unique, so they avoid doling out one-size-fits-all recruiting advice; but rather, they encourage their readers to tailor these ideas to their individual needs.

You’ll different recruiting articles as they relate to a range of industries, such as manufacturing, office and administration, accounting and finance. You can also focus in on specific issues related to the recruiting process, such as outreach, screening candidates, and employee retention. Their easy-to-use menu helps you quickly highlight the issues you care about most. Visit their website to accelerate the learning process.

  1.     Link Humans

Link Humans, a London-based employer branding agency, is here to help you position your organization as the place to work. They analyze virtually every aspect of the employer branding process, including budgeting, idea generation, and homing in on your target candidates, so you attract the right talent. They regularly advise their readers to stop posting about how awesome their companies are, telling them to instead focus on specific actions and programs that benefit their workers. Their philosophy is that actions speak louder than words, a valuable lesson for any recruiter.

They also talk about employer branding campaigns as they relate to specific industries, such as tech, finance, and even fashion. Posts often highlight successful employer branding campaigns that move the needle in terms of how candidates view these companies. You’ll also find thoughtful information on employer branding and diversity, value-based recruiting, and building professional relationships that last the test of time.

  1.     Sirona Says Blog

Run by Andy Headworth, a successful recruiting author and corporate consultant, Sirona Says Blog teaches you how to stand out in today’s ultra-competitive job market. Reading these posts will help you avoid certain recruiting pitfalls such as posting boring content, not using LinkedIn and other professional networking tools properly, and failing to build a pipeline of qualified talent.

The blog also teaches you how to stay relevant in the digital age, so you can attract millennial workers and other talented professionals that want to work for companies they see as in the know.

Headworth is known as a social media whizz when it comes to recruiting. You’ll learn all kinds of valuable tips in terms of managing your social accounts, publishing relevant content, and effectively reaching out to candidates. Don’t get left behind and start reading the Sirona Says Blog today.

  1.     JobDiva

JobDiva is a leading applicant tracking system (ATS) that helps you improve the candidate experience. So, it should be no surprise that you’ll find all kinds of useful information related to the application process on their blog. The company wants to help you optimize your online applications so candidates stay engaged from start to finish. They teach you how to effectively use ATS software, why it’s important to collect data on the application process, and how to make use of these insights.

If technology isn’t your strong suit, this blog is a great place to freshen up your knowledge of the modern recruiting landscape. You can learn the ins and outs of interfacing with candidates online, troubleshooting IT problems, and how to humanize the latest recruiting technology so your candidates don’t feel like they’re stuck talking to a robot.

  1.     Proactive Talent

Just like the name implies, this blog talks about how to be proactive with your recruiting strategy so you can avoid certain problems and gaps in talent down the line. The writers behind this blog understand that the modern workforce is changing fast, as companies need to quickly change their approach to recruiting if they want to stay competitive in the digital age. They talk about how to attract candidates with the right skills, so you can improve your ROI for each hire. If you’re looking to hire a more diverse workforce, this blog is just what you need to get started. They analyze the latest diversity tactics, including what works and what doesn’t, so you can build a team that more accurately reflects the world around us.

The blog helps you prioritize your recruiting efforts so your content and outreach initiatives don’t get lost in the shuffle. You need to get an early start when it comes to employer branding, implementing the latest technology, and building relationships with talent. Use these tips to take your recruiting strategy to the next level.

  1.     Boolean Black Belt

Boolean Black Belt’s blog is a go-to learning center for many recruiters. It’s full of must-read information related to all things recruiting, including content messaging, AI and other technological trends, and social media. Reading this blog will help you make the most of your time at the office, so you don’t send out bland or boring recruiting messages that fail to inspire qualified candidates. Every word matters when it comes to candidate outreach. Using the wrong language, being too aggressive with your messages, and using the wrong channels will only stymie your recruiting efforts. Use this blog to building lasting relationships with talent, so candidates and new hires will stick with your company for the long haul.

Most of the posts relate directly to social media, so if you regularly use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for outreach, this is the blog for you. But instead of just blasting out one-off messages to potential candidates, the blog talks about building a steady pipeline of talent, so you don’t have to frantically screen candidates when new positions become available. Subscribe if you’re looking to refine your social media skills.

  1.     The Tim Sackett Project

Recruiting extraordinaire Tim Sacket brings his trademark wit and sensibility to this down-to-earth blog. He and his team write with an accessible, personable style that helps you quickly make sense of the latest trends, so you can apply them to your own strategy. Sacket regularly discusses his personal experiences with an open heart, while applying them to the world of recruiting. He writes about more than just the trends of the day, choosing instead to look inward, so he can recruit candidates and inspire others with a personal touch.

His motto is, “All business is personal,” and you can apply this same methodology to your recruiting strategy. Connecting with talent and utilizing the latest trends is all about relationships. If you’re tired of sending out automated emails and recruiting messages, checking your company’s hiring stats, and interfacing with technology day in and day out, this blog will be a refreshing wake-up call.

  1.   Social Recruiting Strategies Conference

With an emphasis on engaging with the industry’s leading recruiting experts, this blog helps you expand your talent pool, so you’re focusing your resources in the right places to find the best talent. With so many candidates to choose from in today’s crowded job market, Social Recruiting Strategies Conference teaches you how to engage with talent most likely to take an interest in your company. The blog also runs conferences nationwide, giving them the inside scoop on the industry’s most up-to-date trends, tips, and tricks surrounding talent acquisition.

Learn from the experts by reading their blog. Take it a step further and attend one of their conferences to listen, learn, and engage face-to-face with the leaders in the industry. Delve into blog topics pertaining to social recruiting trends and related topics here.

Looking for even more recruiting news and information? Sign up for talent acquisition conferences in your area to learn about the latest recruiting tactics.


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