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The 5 Best Recruiting Podcasts to Listen to in 2019

The 5 Best Recruiting Podcasts to Listen to in 2019

Listen to These Podcasts for the Latest Recruiting Trends

Recruiting is changing fast in the digital age. With record-low unemployment and new hiring technologies, companies are changing the way they hire and screen candidates.

But keeping up with the latest recruiting trends can be a challenge, especially if you’re always on the go.

Add these podcasts to your listening routine to learn all kinds of recruiting tips as you drive, take the train to work, or relax on your lunch break.

Here are the best recruiting podcasts for 2019:

  1.     Recruiting Future

As you might’ve guessed, this podcast is looking towards the future of recruiting, helping you make sense of the latest hiring and HR technology. With so many new platforms and recruiting software programs hitting the market, knowing how to leverage this technology can be a challenge for many companies and recruiters.

Host Matt Adler doles out tips for using these programs, including how they can benefit your recruiting team and the increasingly important role of data analytics. He also addresses some of the most pressing issues in the industry such as gender bias, diversity initiatives, and employer branding, while showing you how technology can help you tackle these problems head-on.

  1.     Recruitment on the Go

Made for busy professionals, this podcast helps you stay in the know without taking too much time out of your day. Episodes run between 7 and 15 minutes and are released daily, so it’s easy to stay on top of the latest and greatest even if you need to play some catch up.

Host Caitie McCollow regularly interviews recruiting influencers from some of the biggest firms and companies in the industry while keying in on important subjects that often don’t get the attention they deserve, such as hiring remote employees that fit with the company’s culture and identifying predictors of employee performance throughout the screening process.

  1.     The Talent Cast

Self-described as the world’s most caffeinated employer branding and recruitment marketing podcast, this amusing, down-to-earth podcast is just what you need to have a little fun with your recruiting strategy.

Hiring and screening candidates doesn’t have to be a bore. Host James Ellis talks about the issues that matter while injecting some humor into the situation.

It might be just what you need to change your outlook on recruiting. After all, candidates want to work for companies they see as fun and exciting.

  1.     Recruiters Live Lounge

You won’t find a deep dive into the latest recruiting trends here, but rather in-depth interviews with recruiters that are thinking outside the box.

Host Roy Ripper focuses on recruiters and companies that have found success with their recruiting strategies. But it’s not just about the good, it’s also about the bad. His guests regularly talk about the challenges they face when hiring and retaining candidates and how they ultimately fix their problems.

If you’re having trouble with recruiting top candidates, listen to his show to hear similar stories and what you can do to change the narrative.

  1.     HR Happy Hour

Hosted by Steve Boese, Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference and Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3 HR Advisors, this podcast is one of the most popular shows in the industry. Boese is known as the master of HR tech, showing recruiters how they can balance the rise of recruiting automation with the human touch.

As a team, they go into a range of ambitious topics such as building a culture-first company, how to earn credibility as a recruiter or HR executive, and developing existing talent instead of focusing more on recruiting.

With so much hiring knowledge and experience to go around, every episode is worth a listen.

If you’re looking for more recruiting news and advice, sign up for a recruiting conference to hear from industry influencers in person.


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