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The Zappo’s Recruitment Strategy is Setting A Precedent, Here’s Why

The Zappo’s Recruitment Strategy is Setting A Precedent, Here’s Why

Why Zappo’s Culture Is Having Such a Big Effect on Recruiters

If you’re having trouble finding and retaining top talent in your industry, you might want to learn about what’s happening at Zappos. The online retailer has had enormous success in the last few years, not to mention some stellar PR, all thanks to its new approach to recruiting.

This isn’t your traditional application process.

Zappos is making the most of each hire by focusing on creating the right corporate culture, getting rid of the traditional job ad, and improving the candidate experience. See why Zappo’s culture is getting the attention of recruiters everywhere.


Saying Goodbye to the Job Ad

In 2014, Zappos formally said goodbye to the traditional job ad, despite needing to hire over 400 employees in the next year.

So, how did they do it?

To attract the attention of the right candidates, Zappos has created a new online community known as Zappos Insiders where interested applicants can connect with other members of the company, not unlike social media and websites like Reddit. Anyone that wants to work at Zappos will be asked to upload a video cover letter. They will then be put in touch with “Team Ambassadors” relevant to their area of experience.

This ensures every applicant is engaged in the Zappos community. People are encouraged to be themselves and establish meaningful connections with other Zappos employees. If they make the right impression, they land an interview.


Mixing with the Zappo’s Culture

During this initial get-to-know-you phase, Zappos recruiters are looking for candidates that share the company’s values. Whether it’s a passion for Zappos products or respect for their fellow employees, candidates will be asked to engage with recruiters in an open and honest way.

If the candidate seems like they might butt heads with some of the other employees or they fail to grasp the larger mission of the company, they won’t be invited to interview. This is proving to be an effective way of weeding out potential candidates.

Applicants need to rely on their personality and genuine interest rather than a list of qualifications on their resume.

Once the candidate lands the job and shows up for their first day of work, they’ll already be familiar with their new team, helping them foster lasting professional relationships.


Perfecting the Candidate Experience

Zappo’s culture is changing the recruiting process in all kinds of exciting ways, but none of this would matter if no one was interested in working at Zappos.

The company has also invested heavily in employer branding over the years by creating the ideal experience for candidates and new hires. This corporate culture of respect and inclusivity is encouraging applicants to apply, so the company doesn’t have to focus on generic job ads.

One of the ways Zappos is promoting itself is by elevating the candidate experience to new heights.

If an applicant is asked to interview and they live out of town, the company will even pick them up at the airport and drive them to the interview free of charge. Now that’s a great candidate experience.


We asked Tony Hsieh, the CEO at Zappos, to weigh in about the intention of behind cultivating such a strong culture around the company and he told us…

“If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff, like delivering great customer service or building a long-term enduring brand or business, will just be a natural byproduct.”

Recruiters and employers everywhere can learn a thing or two from Zappos. It’s all about finding new ways to attract and sort through applicants.

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