Speaker Profile: Torin Ellis

Torin Ellis – The Torin Ellis Brand

Torin Ellis – The Torin Ellis Brand

Meet Torin Ellis, Principal and Diversity Strategist at The Torin Ellis Brand

Diversity continues to be a hot button-issue in the recruiting industry.

According to the latest Global Recruiting Trends report from Careers International, 78% of recruiters and hiring managers say that diversity is the top trend impacting how they hire. Yet, only 30% of recruiters have specific goals and policies in place that cater to racial and gender diversity hiring. In addition, 60% of recruiters believe implicit bias continues to be a real problem in the American workforce.

Diversity is crucial when it comes to organizational innovation and employee fulfillment. However, many recruiters stumble when it comes to improving their employer’s diversity hiring initiatives.

The Torin Ellis Brand is a professional recruitment marketing and talent acquisition firm that specializes in building diverse, high-performing teams. As the Principal and Diversity Strategist for the firm, Torin Ellis has a reputation for engaging and recruiting diverse candidates in a way that feels organic and authentic. As a thought leader and keynote speaker, he regularly discusses the best ways to reach out to and retain diverse candidates.

Elevate your diversity strategy with these tips from Torin Ellis:

Engaging Diverse Candidates

Diversity can refer to a range of different factors including race, gender, sexual orientation, education and background, and even thought leadership. Your organization needs to attract diverse workers if you want to drive innovation and keep your employees satisfied.

Companies with the most ethnically/culturally diverse boards worldwide are 43% more likely to experience higher profits. And 57% of employees want their company to do more to increase diversity.

In order to attract diverse candidates, Torin Ellis believes in creating content that appeals directly to these types of candidates. Positioning your company as a thought leader can help you win over candidates looking to work for nontraditional employers. If your company continues promoting and sharing the same ideas, you’ll continue to attract the same types of candidates.

Ellis also suggests improving the candidate experience so that diverse candidates feel more comfortable applying for jobs at your company. Instead of ranking candidates based on previous experience, ask applicants how they hope to improve the industry and how they can contribute to your company. Use trial assignments and creative exercises to gauge an applicant’s abilities.

Evaluate candidates based on their potential, not just a standardized list of qualifications.

Consult with staff members, third parties and impartial voices when determining what skills or traits are important to your organization, so you can better identify potential candidates via social media and other digital platforms.

Chasing Equity in the Workplace

Torin Ellis is a strong advocate for chasing equality in the workplace. Retaining diverse candidates means creating experiences and workflows that benefit all workers, not just those with certain qualifications.

Consider changing your workflow to make room for flexible work arrangements, which will help you attract and retain candidates with personal responsibilities such as raising children or supporting family members.

Evaluate the performance of your employees based on results rather than how they choose to complete their work. Diverse candidates may use different approaches when completing assignments, so consider adjusting your workflow accordingly.

Give new hires a seat at the table when it comes to brainstorming new ideas and reworking traditional processes. Utilize every team member to the best of their abilities, so everyone feels valued and respected in the workplace.

For more tips on recruiting and retaining diverse candidates, sign up for a brand marketing convention with Torin Ellis today.


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