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What’s Stopping Your Business from Finding Quality Digital Talent?

What’s Stopping Your Business from Finding Quality Digital Talent?

How to Avoid the Talent Recruitment Black Hole

With the U.S. economy experiencing record-low unemployment, recruiters are driven to do everything they can to stand out amid a sea of job openings, 6.6 million to be exact.

To get ahead, recruiters need to use their resources wisely, especially if they’re working with a small team or a limited budget.

As a recruiter, you have so many marketing and engagement channels to choose from. But with so much information and potential leads, some of your best candidates might slip through your fingers.

Learn about some of the biggest pitfalls in talent recruitment, so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

A Long or Overly Complex Application Process

If it takes candidates an hour to fill out your application, they probably won’t get all the way through, depriving your team of valuable talent.

According to a recent study by Indeed, the longest application among all Fortune 500 companies was 52 minutes. The median time to complete an application was 13 minutes. And the average application consisted of over 62 questions.

Make sure candidates can complete your application around the 13-minute mark. Use an application tracking system to learn more about how your candidates experience the application process. Even if you think an applicant can fill out the application in just a few minutes, that might not be the average person’s experience. Look for areas where applicants tend to abandon their applications and improve the flow of the application process.

Inaccurate or Misleading Job Ads

If your job ads convey the wrong message about your company and what it’s like to work there, new hires will quickly move onto greener pastures.

It’s tempting to paint your company as an innovative, eco-conscious employer that fosters and supports new talent, but achieving this in the workplace is often easier said than done.

Whatever you promise in the application, make sure you follow through.

This all comes back to the idea of employer branding. Either improve the culture of your company to make it more appealing to new hires or change the language of your job ads to get rid of any misleading statements.

Remember that nearly 33% of new hires start looking for a new job within the first six months of starting a new position.

Ignoring Passive Candidates

Don’t limit yourself to the candidates that take the time to apply to your application.

There are dozens or even hundreds of additional “passive” candidates that might be interested in working for your company, but they might not realize you exist.

That’s why you should always make time to reach out to passive candidates, alerting them of open positions at your company. But don’t just blast a series of cold emails and social media messages to these candidates. Reach out to candidates that seem like they would be a good fit for your company based on their work history, social media profile, and the kinds of links and articles they share online.

Slowly build up a relationship with these candidates instead of just copying and pasting the same generic message into their social media feeds.

Too Many Channels and Rushed Processes

Nothing will sink your talent recruitment faster than overwhelming your recruitment staff with unrealistic expectations or having too many open positions; both situations can cause your entire team to be less efficient. Remember that hiring is becoming more competitive for all employers. The average time to hire someone is growing, and is now at around 23 days.

If you rush the recruitment process, you might find yourself filling the same open position several months later at great cost – both in time and budget.

Use your recruitment resources wisely and invest in the channels that produce the biggest bang for your buck, in terms of both time and money.

You need to go above and beyond the traditional job ad if you want to stand out in today’s competitive economy. Attend talent acquisition conferences to learn more about how you can avoid these recruitment pitfalls.


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